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    Desalination, Vol. 213 (2007)

    Presented at the International Conference on New Water Culture of South East European Countries-AQUA 2005
    21–23 October 2005, Athens, Greece

    Michail Chalaris (Conference Chairman), Kostas D. Demadis (Guest Editor) (Greece)
    Editorial: International Conference on New Water Culture of South East European Countries AQUA 2005
    213(2007) ix-xii Full Text
    Elisavet Amanatidou, Kalliopi Adamidou, Eleni Trikoilidou, Foteini Katsiouli, Olga Patrikaki, Lazaros Tsikritzis (Greece)
    Physicochemical and microbiological characteristics of the potable water supply sources in the area of Kozani, Western Macedonia
    213(2007)1-8 Full Text
    E. Rakanta*, E. Daflou, G. Batis (Greece)
    Evaluation of corrosion problems in a closed air-conditioning system: a case study
    213(2007)9-17 Full Text
    L. Bonadonna*, C. Cataldo, M. Semproni (Italy)
    Comparison of methods and confirmation tests for the recovery Escherichia coli in water
    213(2007)18-23 Full Text
    Snezana Cadjo*, Aleksandar Miletic, Aleksandra Djurkovic (Serbia and Montenegro)
    Zooplankton of the Potpec reservoir and the saprobiological analysis of water quality
    213(2007)24-28 Full Text
    M. Ladakis, M. Dassenakis*, M. Scoullos, C. Belias (Greece)
    The chemical behaviour of trace metals in a small, enclosed and shallow bay on the coast of Attika, Greece
    213(2007)29-37 Full Text
    Kostas D. Demadis*, Eleftheria Mavredaki, Aggeliki Stathoulopoulou, Eleftheria Neofotistou, Chris Mantzaridis (Greece)
    Industrial water systems: problems, challenges and solutions for the process industries
    213(2007)38-46 Full Text
    Anestis Filippidis*, Nikolaos Kantiranis (Greece)
    Experimental neutralization of lake and stream waters from N. Greece using domestic HEU-type rich natural zeolitic material
    213(2007)47-55 Full Text
    Tania Floqi*, Daut Vezi, Ilirian Malollari (Albania)
    Identification and evaluation of water pollution from Albanian tanneries
    213(2007)56-64 Full Text
    Svetomir Hadži Jordanov*, Mirjana Maletic, Aleksandar Dimitrov, Dragan Slavkov, Perica Paunovic (Republic of Macedonia )
    Waste waters from copper ores mining/flotation in ‘Buchim’ mine: characterization and remediation
    213(2007)65-71 Full Text
    I. Mariolakos, I. Fountoulis*, E. Andreadakis, E. Kapourani (Greece)
    Real-time monitoring on Evrotas River (Laconia, Greece): dissolved oxygen as a critical parameter for environmental status classification and warning
    213(2007)72-80 Full Text
    S.I. Patsios, A.J. Karabelas*, D. Sotiropoulos (Greece)
    Improved industrial water management through membrane processes — the case of a large thermo-electric power plant
    213(2007)81-89 Full Text
    D. Karamanis*, K. Stamoulis, K.G. Ioannides (Greece)
    Natural radionuclides and heavy metals in bottled water in Greece
    213(2007)90-97 Full Text
    K. Kehagia*, V. Koukouliou, S. Bratakos, S. Seferlis, F. Tzoumerkas, C. Potiriadis (Greece)
    Radioactivity monitoring in drinking water of Attika, Greece
    213(2007)98-103 Full Text
    D. Manojlovic*, M. Todorovic (Serbia & Montenegro), J. Jovicic (Bosnia and Hercegovina), V.D. Krsmanovic, P.A. Pfendt, R. Golubovic (Serbia & Montenegro)
    Preservation of water quality in accumulation Lake Rovni: the estimate of the emission of phosphorus from inundation area
    213(2007)104-109 Full Text
    A. Voulgaropoulos*(Greece), M. Todorovic (Serbia & Montenegro), L. Cruceru (Romania), D. Manojlovic, D. Trbovic, B. Nesic, V.D. Krsmanovic (Serbia & Montenegro)
    Determination of trace elements in danube water: results of the regional-interlaboratory study
    213(2007)110-115 Full Text
    D. Manojlovic, D.R. Ostojic, B.M. Obradovic, M.M. Kuraica, V.D. Krsmanovic and J. Puric (Serbia & Montenegro).
    Removal of phenol and chlorophenols from water by new ozone generator
    213(2007)116-122 Full Text
    Natasha Kuburovic*, Marija Todorovic, Vera Raicevic, Aleksandar Orlovic, Ljubinko Jovanovic, Jasmina Nikolic, Vladimir Kuburovic, Sasa Drmanic, Tatjana Solevic (Serbia & Montenegro)
    Removal of methyl tertiary butyl ether from wastewatersusing photolytic, photocatalytic and microbiological degradation processes
    213(2007)123-128 Full Text
    E. Lytras (Greece)
    Developing models for lake management
    213(2007)129-134 Full Text
    Emira Maljevic*, Mirjana Balac (Serbia & Montenegro)
    Determining of mineral oil–petroleum hydrocarbons in river sediments
    213(2007)135-140 Full Text
    Ilias Mariolakos*, Antigoni Kranioti, Evangelos Markatselis,Marina Papageorgiou (Greece)
    Water, mythology and environmental education
    213(2007)141-146 Full Text
    Ilias Mariolakos (Greece)
    Water resources management in the framework of sustainable development
    213(2007)147-151 Full Text
    P. Melidis*, M. Sanozidou, A. Mandusa, K. Ouzounis (Greece)
    Corrosion control by using indirect methods
    213(2007)152-158 Full Text
    Mimoza Milovanovic (Greece)
    Water quality assessment and determination of pollution sources along the Axios/Vardar River, Southeastern Europe
    213(2007)159-173 Full Text
    Th. Mimides*, N. Kotsovinos, S. Rizos, C. Soulis, P. Karakatsoulis, D. Stavropoulos (Greece)
    Integrated runoff and balance analysis concerning Greek-Bulgarian transboundary hydrological basin of River Nestos/Mesta
    213(2007)174-181 Full Text
    Phani Miskaki*, Efthimios Lytras, Leonidas Kousouris, Philippos Tzoumerkas (Greece)
    Data quality in water analysis: validation of ion chromatographic method for the determination of routine ions in potable water
    213(2007)182-188 Full Text
    Gideon Oron,*, Leonid Gillerman, Amos Bick, Yossi Mnaor, Nisan Buriakovsky, Joseph Hagin (Israel)
    Advanced low quality waters treatment for unrestricted use purposes: imminent challenges
    213(2007)189-198 Full Text
    Nikolaos Papadakis*, Nikolaos Veranis, Nikolaos D. Arvanitidis (Greece)
    Sustainable development of natural resources in Northern Greece, focusing on water supply reliability and public health protection
    213(2007)199-204 Full Text
    Nikolaos G. Papadakis*, Panagiotis I. Georgianos, Paraschos D. Tsoumbaris (Greece)
    Quality of potable water and management strategies in Thessaloniki, Serres and Chalkidiki prefectures
    213(2007)205-208 Full Text
    A. Papaioannou*, P. Plageras, E. Dovriki, A. Minas, V. Krikelis, P.Th. Nastos, K. Kakavas, A.G. Paliatsos (Greece)
    Groundwater quality and location of productive activities in the region of Thessaly (Greece)
    213(2007)209-217 Full Text
    C.A. Paraskeva*, V.G. Papadakis, E. Tsarouchi, D.G. Kanellopoulou, P.G. Koutsoukos (Greece)
    Membrane processing for olive mill wastewater fractionation
    213(2007)218-229 Full Text
    Maria Psychoyou*, Theologos Mimides, Spiros Rizos, Anastasia Sgoubopoulou (Greece)
    Groundwater hydrochemistry at Balkan coastal plains — the case of Marathon of Attica, Greece
    213(2007)230-237 Full Text
    Athanassios Kotoupas, Fotis Rigas, Michalis Chalaris (Greece)
    Computer-aided process design, economic evaluation and environmental impact assessment for treatment of cheese whey wastewater
    213(2007)238-252 Full Text
    S. Samios*, L. Kousouris, P. Tzoumerkas, T. Lekkas, S. Golfinopoulos, A. Nikolaou (Greece)
    A kinetics study of THMs formation in surface waters supplying Athens
    213(2007)253-262 Full Text
    Spiro Grazhdani*, Spase Shumka (Albania)
    An approach to mapping soil erosion by water with application to Albania
    213(2007)263-272 Full Text
    E.M. Smeti*, N.C. Thanasoulias, L.P. Kousouris, P.C. Tzoumerkas (Greece)
    An approach for the application of statistical process control techniques for quality improvement of treated water
    213(2007)273-281 Full Text
    Slavka Stankovic*, Dragana Cbicbkaric, Jelena Markovic (Serbia & Montenegro)
    Determination of Pb and Cd in water by potentiometric stripping analysis (PSA)
    213(2007)282-287 Full Text
    E. Vaiopoulou*, P. Melidis, A. Aivasidis (Greece)
    Growth of filamentous bacteria in an enhanced biological phosphorus removal system
    213(2007)288-296 Full Text
    Melina E. Kotti, Nikolaos A. Parisis, Athanasios G. Vlessidis*, Nicholaos P. Evmiridis (Greece)
    Pattern recognition techniques for the classification of wastewater samples based on their UV-absorption spectra and their fractions after applying MW-fractionation techniques
    213(2007)297-310 Full Text
    Christos Z. Katsaounos, Dimosthenis L. Giokas*, Athanasios G. Vlessidis, Miltiades I. Karayannis (Greece)
    Identification of longitudinal and temporal patterns of phosphorus fractionation in river sediments by non-parametric statistics and pattern recognition techniques
    213(2007)311-333 Full Text
    A. Zouboulis*, G. Traskas, P. Samaras (Greece)
    Comparison of single and dual media filtration in a full-scale drinking water treatment plant
    213(2007)334-342 Full Text
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